Artist statement

The ordinary, the temporary and sometimes even the invisible inspire my work. Moments in which everyday events come together and disappear again.

Like raindrops that patter on a window and evaporate, shadows that come and go, or the wind blowing across a field that changes the crop in drifting patterns. A current of air or a sudden draught also lets you experience its consequences in the form of goose bumps on your skin, or ripples on the surface of water, waving grass, or the rustling of leaves.

I translate these sensations into reliefs using tools such as pencil, biro and also scalpel or soldering iron on paper and wood.

The works I create involve concentration and extreme precision using rhythmic, repetitive meticulous physical actions. The resulting interplay of light, movement, structure and texture plays an important role in the completion of each piece of work. 

Even though I strive after perfection, I am not a machine. I see my work not only as an abstraction, but as a kind of conversation or a musical score with a ‘continuo’ (the grid of the piece) in it. The human hand (mine) provides the vibration to create its melody.

With my works I want to create a momentum between the spectator and the work – as a kind of wordless conversation, something between speech and silence.