Burnings (variations)


burned paper with soldering iron
80 grams Hahnemuhle Sumi-E paper
50 x 65 cm each
2018 – present / in progress


No1. is the base, the departure. The other variations derive from this version (with the same grid and paper-size). The variations are in the same way a departure-point for smaller alterations, that focus on the act of burning itself and the possibilities within the grid, as well as rotating the ‘canvas’, playing with the light – all dealing with repetition, structure and order.

variation#1 (base 1) PBR museum rijswijk 2018

Burning Base 1 (variations) as framed in edition of 4 + 1AP


paper biennial museum rijswijk 2018

Burning (variation # 1-7) & Burning (wind) as shown at the paper biennial Museum Rijswijk 2018

variation no1


Base 1 (var.#1) – starting point for the variations
2018 / 50 x 65 cm

burnings variation no3

variation #2

burnings variation #3

variation #3

variation no4 variation no4

variation #4

burning (variation 5)

variation #5

burning (variation #6)

variation #6

variation no7 (burnings)

variation #7

variation no8 (burnings)

variations #8