Het Grote Wachten / The Waiting


4 video’s
9 photo’s
1 poem


The asylum seeker -often a refugee – is a waiter. The barriers which he has to overcome are becoming higher and the cracks of the entrance door are getting smaller and smaller. This narrow entrance provides a view of a better life and helps to keep the asylum seeker willing to wait. He can not (and is not allowed)
do anything else. Often the option of going back to his home country closed, waiting is the only option.


This work is my graduation project (BFA). The photos are portraits of refugees.
The 4 short movies’ aim is to translate this feeling of waiting into images.
This project has been awarded with Stroom prize for Up and Coming Artists.



Het Grote Wachten No.1

Het Grote Wachten No.2

Het Grote Wachten No.3

Het Grote Wachten No.4

Ronal Hanina from Irak, 26 years, student, 10 months of waiting in the Netherlands

from Bosnia, aprox. 45 years, 3 years

Hadia Avdullah and M. El Hadi Osman from Sudan, 56 and 66 years,
mother and mechanical engineer, 5 years

mr. Dalai and Adja Dalai from Mongolia, 38 and 5 years old, 4 years

Ali Achmed and Yassin from Sudan, 45 and 5 years, agricultural scientist, 5 years

Li, ‘baboesjka and zeboesjka’ from Vietnam and Armenia. All in their 70’s
Li is waiting for 4 years, granny and grandpa for 5 years.

Muhanad Mohamaden from Sudan, 14 years, high school student, 4 years

Tamara Ibragimeova from Kirgieziƫ, 3 years

exhibition view of the Stroom-price winners at
the KABK-gallery

exhibition view of the graduation show