dyptich, unique work 1 + 1 AP
screenprint multiple layers
each framed in wooden frame
with artglass

In the collection of museum CODA Apeldoorn (NL)


I was asked by Studio Onvervalst to make a screenprint for the exhibition Through the Grid (ACEC Apeldoorn, April 8 – May 14 2023).


In creating this work, I made a conscious decision to leave my work ‘flat’. Whereas in my reliefs the cutting or burning through the grid creates layering and movement, this movement now takes shape by playing with transparency in multiple print runs.
The work is composed of multiple ‘windows’ or ‘frames’; the opposite gradients and the circles.


The title Raamwerk translates to window frame or framework, which hints at the printing frame that is the basis of screen printing, as much as the meaning of the word frame; the basis or an outline or something that gives structure to an idea. Just as the grid forms the basis in my work.


The result is an optical game in which your eyes seek hold within the framework in which only the circles are broken loose from the grid.


Exhibition text:
In the group exhibition Through the Grid, Studio Onvervalst explores the role of the grid in abstract visual language through screen printing, in cooperation with contemporary artists. Not deployed as a tool for a translation of reality, it is now itself the subject of the artistic starting point. A predetermined orderly structure that is followed or disrupted. Like a gridded system with imposed constraints that extends to infinity.


Featuring work by
Sigrid Calon, Erris Huigens, Guido Nieuwendijk, Zaida Oenema, Bertjan Pot, Clary Stolte, Graphic Surgery, Boris Tellegen, Vincent Uilenbroek, Marije Vermeulen and Jan Maarten Voskuil.