Tussenstaat / Phase


4 photo’s (135 x 95cm each)


Part of the Bouw in Beeldprijs 2007
with the theme ‘Gebouwgezichten’ / ‘Building Portraits’.


‘”Zaida Oenema is fascinated by empty spaces. She wanders around in them, allows herself to be carried away by the atmosphere that she feels in the traces, the emptiness and the fingerprints that time has left in the building.
The spaces that she photographed are in a phase of wainting, waiting for what is to come. They seem to be at rest, but upon closer inspection traces become visible that betray the presence of invisible users: void waiting to be filled again. Whether that actually will happen is left in the air, giving the photographs a suggestive tension.”
(extract from the exhibition catalogue).

Exhibition view at the NAI, Rotterdam (Dutch institute of Artchitecture)