Whatever / performance


MDF, neonpink paint
95 x 18 x 3 cm


On Saturday the 24th and the 1st of December you were able to visit the Beatrixpark in Amsterdam to see the ‘Malieveldinitiatief’ organised by chmkoome’s blog. Every Saturday between 11 and 12 am the Malieveld in The Hague will be used to show art independently of the ‘classical context of art’ and to try to capture or even conquer the artwork again.


At the Kunstvlaai 2012 this happening was moved from The Hague to the Beatrixpark in Amsterdam. I’ve participated by standing next to every performance, action or artwork with my neonpink whatever-word.


For me this was an opportunity to be a ‘silent witness’ of how todays society reflects on art and/or how people in general reduce effort made by others into something ‘uninportant’ by using the word ‘whatever’. (In this case people who want to tell and share something through art). This word is often used heedlessly, but it is nevertheless very destructive in every sense. As an object (of art) it questions it’s own position and that of its surroundings.