8 drawings
pencil on paper
all 18 x 24 cm
from 2015-2016


Yearning means “A feeling of intense longing”.
These drawings have been made on the sideline of other work, but all during a quite stressful period. It was a time when I was longing for an escape and for silence in particular.

These drawings are (memories of) places that made me very happy, where silence meant (being at) peace, and where no other sounds than nature’s own were produced. A form of freedom based on being alone in a place (outdoors) without distraction or human interference.


The Japanese have even a word or excercise for this: Shinrin-Yoku, which means forest-bathing. Its a simple practice for enhancing health and reduce stress and can be defined as “making contact with and taking in the atmosphere of the forest”.


yearning-intro image

yearning #5 (as framed with museum glass)



drawing no.1 (2015)


drawing no.2


drawing no.3


drawing no.4


drawing no.5


drawing no.6

drawing no.7

drawing no.8

drawing no.9